Frequently asked questions

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Valet parking or parking services is defined as the parking of vehicles through staff members of a service provider. The vehicle together with the keys are handed over at the airport to an authorized staff member. This staff member parks the vehicle on behalf of the owner and transfers it back to the owner in good order. The parking service is in general provided by high-end hotels, at large airports, in parking houses and upon return of rental cars.
Your vehicle is insured through the comprehensive general liability of the owner of the parking premises.
In this particular case please inform us as soon as possible, to ensure that the return of the vehicle can be performed as smooth as possible. We will instruct you, how to return to the airport Munich as fast as possible.
Please inform us and send an e-mail to with your new flight data.
Since we cannot dispose free parking space on short notice, we therefore need to charge for the entire reservation period.
As part of our service program we also provide car care. Please obtain the charges from our Internet pages.
JYes you will be charged with the service fee upon car pickup at the airport.
After the online reservation you receive an e-mail as a confirmation, the parking space is assumed reserved for you. You may change your reservation or cancel up to 24 hours prior departure.
This is possible if we have capacity. You have to drop an e-mail with the new flight data. The charges are calculated accordingly.
Our garage is located appr. 12 minutes apart from the Munich airport, at the garage Franz-Brombach-Str. 11 in 85435 Erding. Should we run out of space, we have contracts with other providers. Your vehicle will always be parked securly.